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2000 Sqm Homogeneous Vinyl Roll Flooring Is Loading For Shipment
- Oct 12, 2018 -

2000 sqm Homogeneous Vinyl Roll Flooring is loading for shipment.

Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Homogeneous Flooring Roll

Waterproof Homogeneous Roll

Commercial Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring is widely used in medical, office, education, nursing home, ship, shopping mall, transportaion, industrial, etc.


1: Incorporate antibacterial, and fungistatic, inspiring a clean space.

2:  High performance flexible, and provide with excellent resistance to indentation.

3: The appearance stay good even though under heavy traffic.

4: The flooring surface with UV special treatment is easy to maintenance, also improve the resistance to scratch.

5: Muti-color welding rod and uni welding rod, matched to inlaid designs, for a seamless finish.

6: Excellent protection against acid and alkali, exceptional resistance to stain and abrasion.

7: Especially used for health care, education and retail.

Specialized in PVC Vinyl Roll Flooring, Rigid Vinyl Plank,  Waterproof SPC Flooring for over 15 years, we do OEM for many brands in domestic and international markets.

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