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2018,what Is Flooring Materials Trend
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Many people may not be familiar with the SPC flooring. But I believe you have heard of LVT, SPC and WPC. They are very professional. These three kinds belong to stone plastic floor. They are very popular abroad, and they have been seen in China in recent two years.

One of the most widely accepted features of the SPC flooring is that it can completely replace the composite floor. It is used in many commercial places in China, such as schools, hotels, health care homes, and some of the hardcover apartments can be seen in the figure.

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Why should we choose a SPC to replace the composite floor?

When choosing a floor, the most concerned problem is environmental protection, but the traditional flooring materials, regardless of floor or composite wood floors, natural environmental protection material itself no matter how, but in the pavement or the floor to use synthetic glue, which inevitably will produce formaldehyde.

Floor production and installation do not need glue, from the root of the elimination of formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances, and in the installation is more convenient.

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In addition to environmental protection, SPC flooring has some solid wood floors that have no advantages. Wood flooring can not avoid the risk of deformation and insect pests, but the material of the stone plastic floor determines its stability and high wear resistance.

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