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3C Hospital Homogeneous PVC Flooring
- May 16, 2018 -

PVC floor is wear-resistant, the quality and low price has gradually been known by the market, but compared with foreign hospitals, the proportion of PVC floor in domestic hospitals is not high, only in depth understanding of the performance of the PVC floor, the hospital can truly improve the quality of medical environment.

Safety protection: 3C PVC flooring adopts special production process, so that the product has no pores on the surface, so that dirt can not penetrate into the interior. Antibacterial properties provide permanent bactericidal and bacteriostatic treatment to prevent microorganisms from propagating inside and outside the floor. The PVC floor adopts multi-storey structure, using reasonable friction coefficient and ingenious dispersing pressure and shock absorption performance to ensure walking safety. The structure design of the top layer is more protruding the advantages of the multilayer structure, including the glass fiber reinforced layer to ensure the stability of the size for a long time, and to ensure that the floor is not deformed and damaged. At the same time, the elastic cushioning of foam layer can avoid abrasion caused by falls. Good practicability and high performance price ratio, especially suitable for large area applications in lobby and corridor.


Visual therapy: the floor is part of a hospital environment. MDI PVC resilient flooring is rich in color, and the design of granules, spots or patterns makes the colors match with distinct layers. For example, in children's ward, the clever coloring of PVC floors virtually eliminates the children's conflict with the hospital and plays the role of "visual therapy". PVC floor widely used in foreign hospitals, PVC floor with classical ceramic color, elegant wood pattern, natural colors of granite and other colors and design graphics. The patent round edge design can be applied to the edges and corners of the ground, but also to the circular ground. At the same time, it has rolling material and easy to lay elastic lumber, its relatively thin thickness and excellent sound insulation and insulation performance, can be used directly on the old ground floor of stone, ceramics, wood and so on. It is the best choice for hospital construction.


Maintenance convenience: PVC floor products of different quality will reflect obvious differences in practical application. Taking wear resistance as an example, excellent wear resistance can reduce the daily maintenance frequency such as waxing and cleaning, and reduce the maintenance cost in the cycle. The polyurethane topcoat attached to the surface has waterproof, chemical corrosion resistance and dimensional stability, with a very strong and wear-resistant transparent PVC covering, which greatly simplifies the complicated maintenance procedures in the use cycle, and is very suitable for the use of large human flow areas such as hospitals. Therefore, when choosing, consumers should not only focus on immediate investment, but also have to "look ahead" to maintain expenditure after "care for the future".