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5000 Sqm WPC Click Vinyl Plank Is Loading For Shipment
- Jul 12, 2018 -

1:WPC floor performance:
1) Absolute zero formaldehyde

2) Wear and corrosion resistance

3) Waterproof and non-slip

4) Silent anti-noise

5) Flexible rebound

6) Convenient installation

WPC Click

2:WPC Vinyl floor structure and production process:
The product can be divided into two parts. The surface LVT layer itself is a kind of ground environmentally friendly material (foreign Jiefu, Armstrong, USA). Because it is too thin and paving requires glue, it is environmentally friendly. discount. Moreover, the paving has higher requirements on the ground and needs to be self-leveling, so the cost is greatly increased. On the basis of this, the addition of environmentally friendly foaming substrate can solve various problems of lvt, increase the thickness without self-leveling, increase the thickness and can be grooved without using glue.

vinyl plank

The foaming substrate is made of polymer resin and stone rock powder and wood fiber powder (both solid) through high temperature physical friction polymer resin to achieve hot melt state (semi-fluid) wrapped stone powder and wood powder, which is squeezed by machine. forming.

vinyl flooring