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A New Flooring Choice In Houses
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The advantages of elastic floor compared with other materials are: safety and environmental protection. The selected materials for production and special glue for the pavement have eliminated harmful substances which are harmful to the environment. The whole process of production, installation and use ensures no pollution. It can make the living space more healthy and comfortable. Good thermal conductivity. 


Adapt to the current development of floor heating, these types of floors are changing with the surface temperature changes, and solid wood floors, composite floors, tiles compared to heat conduction rapidly, energy saving effect is outstanding. It has the effect of sound insulation and sound absorption. The floor is made up of enhanced UV coating, relief layer and foam sound absorbing layer. It can eliminate part of the noise generated between floors. Durability is used. The surface of the floor is made of high purity polyethylene wear resistant layer, and the special UV treatment makes the surface abrasion resistance and damage resistance of the flooring better. Clean and clean. The floor surface adheres to various stains and can be removed by general water cleaning or cleaning. Its good corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, can maintain a clean living environment. The floor has a good stability. The floor is divided into two types: the overall specification and the divided specification. The change of temperature and humidity in the home environment will not cause the deformation and expansion of the floor.


Since the beginning of last century, this floor has begun to be applied to public transport, office buildings, medical treatment, education, shopping malls, sports venues and other public buildings. It is gradually accepted by family decoration because it has many types, fast speed, no influence on the environment, low pressure on the whole building, and easy to update. Because its performance is very different from the PVC plastic floor used in the past, the effect of use is expanding through the effect of propagation effect, which makes the sales increase very quickly. According to sales personnel, at present, the utilization rate of resilient floor has risen from 1%~2% in previous years to 5%~6% at present.