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A Relaxed Office Environment- Resilient Floor
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Want to open large space, but also quiet; want to high grade, and can relax at the same time; want to be able to concentrate on the energy, and recreational sports... Elastic floor, subverting tradition, creating a free, interesting and open new office environment.


Work area is the core part of office space design. It can be roughly divided into four forms: honeycomb, closet, group and club type. These four types of work areas, some focus on creating an independent thinking work environment, and some are conducive to team cooperation and communication, although they have different emphasis, but the common place lies in the open style, focusing on efficiency and comfort.


In the open design workspace, the elastic floor is easy to cut and splice, and it can perfectly fuse with different structures to create a unified visual effect. On this basis, the elastic floor can also play two advantages - sound absorption and comfort and comfort, to create quiet and comfortable thinking, communication space for individuals or groups, and to stimulate more creativity.