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Chinese PVC Floor Waxing Issue
- May 03, 2018 -

With the gradual enrichment of these decorative materials, the floor decoration materials are no longer only solid wood floors and tiles, the PVC floor, the light body ground decoration materials are also becoming more and more popular. We all know that we need to maintain the floor after the installation of the floor, and the most common way is to wax. Then what is the PVC floor method and the precautions?


PVC flooring waxing process

Clean surface: first, clean the surface dust on the PVC floor, and use the vacuum cleaner to do the corresponding treatment.

Remove the original wax: use the wax water in accordance with the proportion of water and harmonization, harmonization well, evenly spread on the surface of the PVC floor, waiting 10-15 minutes after the waxing machine with wax pads to wax. It's better to repeat several times.

Rinse the surface with clean water. Clean the surface of PVC with clean water. It can be repeated many times until it is clean. Now wait for the ground to dry or dry with a rag.

Wax: wax the surface with a waxing machine. The number of waxing layers is 3-5 layers. After the first level, after waiting for a while, it is going on for second levels.


PVC floor waxing precautions

1, PVC floor cleaning can choose cleaning liquid, the ratio of cleaning liquid according to the requirements of the specifications can be, if the PVC floor pollution is serious, also can add less water. You can also choose to wax water, wax water and water can be adjusted to a ratio. Or add the cleaning fluid into the wax water mixture, so that it can more effectively remove the surface stains on the PVC floor.

2. When absorbing water, the excess water can be pushed onto other unwashed PVC floors for soaking, while the remaining water is sucked up by the suction apparatus and cleaned.

3, when waxing PVC floors, we must wait until the floor is completely dry before it can be carried out.

4, when waxing, should pay attention to uniform smear, should not be too thick or too thin, wax mop wax evenly towed on the floor, so that the ground is bright, neat, for a long time to maintain a good state of use. The wax is not allowed to enter when it is not dry.

5, PVC floor waxing is cyclical, generally can be once a year. In places where there are many places where people are polluted or polluted, it is recommended that they be carried out in 3-6 months. This will better protect the PVC floor and make the PVC floor cleaner and shiny.


PVC floor waxing maintenance

1. use electrostatic precipitator solution and sprinkler to sprinkle on the bottom of the dustpan, and push the dust after air drying. Note: after the electrostatic precipitator is dry, there is a vacuum function to protect the wax surface.

2. when the surface of the floor wax has stains, use the neutral all-purpose cleaning agent to match the water with the ratio of 1:10.

3. when the floor wax is not bright, dust and stains can be polished or bright.