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Chinese Vinyl Flooring Used In Kitchen
- May 10, 2018 -

PVC and other elastic floors have been widely used in domestic commercial occasions, airports, hospitals, museums, good schools and other ground have been applied, but the domestic situation is still very rare, the biggest reason is the cost of construction.


PVC and other elastic floor to the level of the ground and construction time is very strict requirements, the need for self leveling construction, so this product is not suitable for personal installation, only the developer unified decoration. But domestic residential projects can not give Gaoping the whole ground, more will not increase the cost to do self leveling, even if developers are willing to spend the money, waiting for self - flowing time is not a waste of developers. So it's rare and normal at home.


Foreign elastic floor gradually replace the compound floor because cost, the cost of the elastic floor is very low, but the installation cost is high, foreign are fine decoration projects, convenient for large-scale control and installation costs, the whole is cheaper than the composite floor, and wear-resistant and waterproof, of course it is willing to use. At present, some of the seaside tourist cities in China have used resilient flooring for their fine decoration projects, and there is still time to extend them to other areas.