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Choose A Suitable Colour To Your Vinyl Floor
- Apr 10, 2018 -

When the floor is compared with the color, it often mistakenly chooses the wooden floor which is not suitable for the room because of the spot light source. The main reason is the spatial brightness difference.

If the home of congenital light is not enough, we should try to avoid buying too dark floor, so that the whole space is too dark, not only the space becomes narrow, but also the sense of visual oppression.


Color can affect the sense of visual space, for example, bright and warm color has expansion effect; otherwise, cool color and dark color will have compression effect.

Therefore, before choosing the floor, we should first consider the size of the indoor area. If the space is small, it is recommended to choose bright and light floors. The dense and heavy flooring is suitable for the area with plenty of space, which can produce a calm and steady effect.


In modern times, many families like the quiet and vacationing atmosphere of the white floor, but the white floor is not easy to maintain on the one hand, and on the other hand it is easy to feel the heavy head and heavy foot because of the heavy color around it. If you want to have a fresh and natural home atmosphere, you can choose a better gray and tone, and you can also bring relaxed leisure atmosphere.