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Choose Different Colors - Resilient Floor
- Apr 02, 2018 -

"Color" is the most abundant and simplest gift that nature gives to human beings. It produces a strong visual impact and artistic appeal. Each color has a special psychological effect, which can affect human temperature perception, space perception and even emotion.


With the rapid development of society, people's demand for decoration is also increasing. In a house, if we want to get satisfactory decoration effect, we must have a reasonable collocation of colors. According to the purpose, use, age, sex, occupation and character of home space of different functions, a reasonable collocation of home color can be made to make the art of interior decoration to be exerted incisively and vividly.


The bedroom is the living harbor of people after a day's hard work, it is the dream space, quiet, warm, comfortable and elegant romantic feeling is the basic needs of the bedroom, so warm, soft, not too heavy in the low and middle color system is the ideal choice of bedroom color.