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Colour Difference Of Vinyl Floor Is Beautiful
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The "color difference" of the floor does not belong to the quality problem. The chromatic aberration of the floor is a normal phenomenon. At present, no matter the national standard or the standard of enterprise production, there is no color difference as the standard of testing quality, and the "color difference" problem of the floor is not clearly stipulated by the state. Related floor businesses are frankly speaking, strictly speaking, there are no two identical flooring.


The so-called "color difference" refers to the difference between the color and the depth of the same floor. It is said that in the whole ground after laying, the colors are deep or shallow. This is a little difference in the same color number, which "must exist" and "normal existence".


1, floor coloring and indoor wall, light matching: try to make the floor with bigger color difference installed on sofa bottom, bed and so on, which is not easy to be noticed.

2, color difference allocation method: the same color number in the deeper and lighter floor with the cross installation, so the effect of the installation of color difference, beautiful and natural. If there are more than two rooms, the color of the floor can be packed in a room with a lighter color, and the living room is installed first, and the floor of a slightly larger color is installed at the bottom of the bed and where it can not be seen at ordinary times.