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Construction Standards And Attentions Of PVC Floor
- Apr 25, 2018 -

For decoration materials, we know that we need a lot of them. There are many decorating materials that we may not have heard of, but they are also needed. For example, we need to decorate the floor of the paving, but we know that there are many kinds of floors, which is good. Now let's introduce the PVC floor construction standard for you.


1. Technical preparation

1, familiar with, audit floor construction drawings.

2. Clear the construction content and analyze the characteristics of the project.

3, in accordance with the requirements of factory floor, the workers should make technical disclosure.

Two. Tool preparation

Main tools: electrothermal air welding gun V shaped cutting knife, sawtooth scraper, roller, knife, oil brush, cutting knife, scissors, wood hammer, rubber hammer, plastic bucket and so on.


Operating conditions

1, ceiling, wall, and water, electricity, pipeline installation.

2, indoor paint, brush and so on.

3, the grass-roots level has been completed, no empty drum, cracks, sand, oil pollution and so on.

4, indoor temperature is not greater than 80%, construction environment temperature should not be below 10 degrees Celsius.

Six. Construction operation process

Grass-roots treatment - self leveling construction pre laying - PVC installation - joint welding - cleaning the scene.