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Detailed Explanation Of PVC Vinyl Floor
- Aug 27, 2018 -

1. What is PVC flooring?

PVC flooring, also known as elastic flooring, is commonly known as plastic flooring, stone plastic flooring, and rubber flooring. It is the world's latest generation of ground decoration materials after carpets, wood floors and marble tiles.

pvc floor

2. Is PVC flooring a green product?

It is a green product. Tested by the relevant state departments, non-toxic, pollution-free, formaldehyde content is "zero"! Many indicators have reached or even exceeded the relevant international standards, and are the green building materials promoted by the China Building Materials Circulation Association.

pvc vinyl floor

3. The PVC floor looks similar to the floor leather. What is the difference between the two?

The floor leather has only two layers of plastic structure, no wear layer, easy to age deformation and easy to static electricity and not fireproof. The main material of PVC floor is PVC resin, and the composite floor is composed of five layers of UV layer, wear layer and environmental protection base. After special treatment, it is waterproof, non-slip, elastic, antibacterial, quiet and wear resistant. Fireproof, flame retardant and other advantages.

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4.What are the advantages of PVC flooring compared with tiles and stone?

First of all, ceramic tiles and stone are very hard materials, and the surface is smooth, which inevitably causes the feet to feel hard when walking, and the water on the ground is easy to slip and cause injury. Due to the advantages of its own materials, PVC flooring not only has the firmness of stone but also the softness of organic materials. All of them are also called “elastic floor”, which makes the foot feel very comfortable when walking, and has the characteristics of “more water in the water”. Even if you accidentally fall, it will not hurt the person. More suitable for the elderly and children.

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5. What are the advantages of PVC flooring compared to wooden flooring?

Solid wood flooring is expensive, and it is easily deformed after being damp. After drying, it is easy to crack and shrink, making the seams larger. At the same time, if the solid wood floor is improperly maintained, it will cause mildew and insects. In contrast, PVC flooring has superior performance, does not expand and deform due to heat and moisture, and is highly resistant to corrosion and smashing, and is particularly easy to maintain.

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6. What is the service life of PVC flooring?

It can be used for 5-15 years or longer depending on the thickness of the different wear layers of different brands and the wear of the environment.

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7. Why are some brands of PVC flooring cheap? Some brands of PVC flooring are very expensive?

PVC flooring is a product with a higher technical content than other flooring materials. It is a combination of wear layer, stable layer, intermediate layer and bottom layer. The function of each layer is different. As long as there is a layer of quality that is slightly worse, the price will be down a bit, and the price of PVC floor depends on the thickness of the floor and the thickness of the wear layer. Therefore, it cannot only focus on the price.

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8. What is UV treatment? What does it do?

UV treatment is a method of surface reinforcement using epoxy resin, which can resist pollution and effectively absorb ultraviolet rays, enhance wear resistance, delay product aging and easy to clean.

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