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Eco-friendly Chinese PVC Flooring
- May 14, 2018 -

Environmental protection of PVC floor in kindergarten

The main raw material for the production of PVC floor is polyvinyl chloride. This is a kind of material that has already been used in people's daily life, such as water cup, infusion tube and so on, so its environmental protection performance does not need to be questioned. And according to the test of the state authority, the content of vinyl chloride monomer in the PVC kindergarten floor is qualified, the content of soluble lead is qualified, the content of soluble cadmium is qualified, the content of volatiles is qualified. The emission of VOC (volatile organic compound) is 4 times lower than that of the international standard, and there is no radiation. All these data indicate that the PVC kindergarten floor is a real green pacesetter.


Antiskid safety of PVC floor in kindergarten

The floor of traditional material has disadvantages in the aspect of skid safety, which can not be completely evade, but this has been well solved in PVC flooring. Taking the domestic child floor expert as an example, it adopts the irregular arc edge design of human body engineering on the surface of the floor according to the children's sports habits, which makes the friction coefficient of the floor suitable, the sliding coefficient is excellent, the flexibility of the children's movement is strengthened and the stability is improved.

At the same time, the nursery floor also adopts the elastic foam layer structure design, not only makes the floor feel comfortable, but also provides excellent cushioning protection for children. It can maximize the impact of the children in the movement of the landing, and fully protect the children's ankle, knee and other important parts of the body. On such a floor, even if the child accidentally falls down, there will be no serious injury, and the safety is greatly guaranteed.


Antiseptic of PVC floor in kindergarten

Traditional material floor, the surface of the use of the conventional treatment technology, does not have antibacterial properties, extremely vulnerable to bacteria, fungi, and the PVC material of the nursery floor can be used in the surface of the surface UV treatment structure, which makes it effective to block the possibility of bacteria and fungal invasion. In addition, there are more special treatment, the nursery floor in the surface layer of the addition of antibacterial agents, this bacteriostat can long time effectively block the bacteria, including Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria that cause serious injury to children, the effective rate of bacteriostasis is as high as 99%.