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Floor Without Glue - Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring
- Dec 14, 2018 -

Are you still worried about the installation work of the floor? Are you irritated by the streaked glue on the newly installed floor? Now you can put aside these problems. A new product, no glue, no need for any auxiliary tools, the floor-Loose lay Vinyl Floor has already appeared, you can use it directly.

Loose lay Vinyl Flooring

Loose Lay Vinyl floor is a new type of floor material made of polyvinyl chloride and marble powder. Because it is heavier in weight, it can be used on the ground by gravity. The composition contains polyvinyl chloride, which is in our daily life. It will also be used, such as infusion bags, tableware, etc., so it is an environmentally friendly new type of floor material. The surface of the floor is covered by polymer special resin, and the base layer is made of high-density reticular fiber structure. to make.

Easy Install Vinyl Floor

Variety of colors: The self-sinking floor has a variety of colors, which can be spliced according to personal preference;

Green and environmental protection: PVC is an environmentally-friendly and recyclable material that is harmless to the human body, contains no harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and does not produce volatile harmful gases.

The paving is simple: the laying is the simplest, no auxiliary materials such as cement mortar glue are needed, and it can be used only when it is laid on the ground, and it can be paved and replaced by itself;

No Glue PVC Vinyl Floor

Easy maintenance: surface UV treatment layer, waterproof and non-slip easy to clean, clean with a wet mop;

Thick wear layer: 0.5mm wear layer, higher wear resistance

Good elasticity: the floor is made of PVC, soft and elastic, impact resistant, sound absorbing and noiseproof

Good insulation: It is made of insulating material and has excellent insulation to avoid electric shock accidents.

Anti-slip Vinyl Flooring

Therefore, it is widely used in public places such as medical, office, and industrial.