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Grey Colour Of Resilient Flooring
- Apr 24, 2018 -

When a gray elastic floor is laid on the ground, you don't need to match the color of furniture. Red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and violet, so you can play at will. From the background, any color rendering on it can perfectly display the aesthetic feeling. A desk and a bookcase, its existence, the balance of different colors and shapes, and fully highlight the beauty of each individual's form and color, as well as the combination of the beauty of the whole. Such a floor is the most appropriate grey and elastic floor.


This kind of grey is not so cold as the so-called "high-grade gray" temperament, but by the mild material of the mild, more low-key, introverted, not deliberately open, naturally tranquil breath, let the people close, relaxed.


There are many public space facilities and much noise. The elastic floor deep, the light grey lattice free combination, the gray quiet and the sound absorption performance of the elastic floor, make the floor self-contained noise reduction and noise reduction function more powerful. The unique light feeling of the elastic floor reflects light and soft light. In the calm and quiet atmosphere of the gray tone, it creates an open and clear flavor, which greatly relieves the feeling of crowding in the public space.