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Heat Conductivity Of 3C PVC Vinyl Flooring
- Mar 14, 2018 -

While winter comes, people like to stay at home and enjoy the heating, but the ceramic tile means an extremely cold area when you move to toilet or kitchen; so the heat conductivity becomes a very important point of floor covering.

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3C Industry Co.,Ltd makes a testment since Jan,2018, put the vinyl flooring on the top of radiant floor heating, and after 40 days, 3C start to test the result of vinyl flooring

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45 degree plus 40 days, the vinyl flooring still working well and average,especially the colour does not fade yet.Homogeneous vinyl flooring and spc flooring has the same result after 40days. The testment is still under processing, after another 40 days 3C will continous keep reporting.

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