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Homogeneous PVC Flooring For Medical Organization
- Oct 22, 2018 -

3C Group as early as 5 years ago developed the "Victoria T-class wear Homogeneous core PVC floor" these years by the medical and pension programs across the country on the favor!

Hospital Use Vinyl Flooring Roll

Product technical parameters:

2.0 * 200 * 2000mm, weight 3000g / square meter

Commercial Hospital Vinyl Flooring

Victoria homogeneous core pvc floor: it uses the same material from the inside to the outside. The wear-resistant effect is more wear-resistant than the composite floor, durable. Homogeneous core pvc vinyl floor is mainly used in some places relatively large flow of people. For example, in medical use will be used in the same heart through pvc vinyl floor as a dedicated floor. Large shopping mall traffic will be used. Homogeneous heart pvc floor also has antibacterial, fire retardant, non-slip effect.

Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Victoria series of Homogeneous through the heart of the floor product advantages are: durable and repairable, indentation, seamless integrity and waterproof moisture resistance, flame retardant, slip resistance, super calendar technology, special anti-iodine function, Quality assurance, with wear-resistant, stain-resistant, antibacterial, non-slip, easy to clean features.

PVC Homogeneous Flooring Roll

Victoria with the T level to strengthen - an upgraded version of the market, 3c Group ingenuity to create 15 years! Welcome to large hospitals, nursing homes, school project promotion!

Fireproof Homogeneous Flooring