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Hospital Flooring Material China Supply
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Medical PVC Roll Floor Specifications: 2.0mx20mX1.6mm/1.8mm/2.0mm/2.2mm

Medical PVC sheet flooring surface form: bright, semi-light type.

Medical PVC sheet flooring structure: Homogeneous non-directional; Homogeneous directional, Heterogeneous.

hospital flooring

Medical PVC sheet flooring performance characteristics:

1. Whole body PUR/UV treatment, long-lasting wear resistance, and increased scratch resistance
2. Excellent sound-absorbing performance: 15dB, product surface roughness, excellent anti-slip performance
3. Strong stain resistance; easy to clean, special surface U.V treatment
4. Fire resistance: B1 level
5. Super wear resistance and slip resistance: easy to clean, good walking feeling
6. Excellent chemical resistance: Excellent resistance to iodine and acid

vinyl sheet flooring

The scope of application of medical PVC sheet flooring:
1. Education system: schools, kindergartens, laboratories, libraries, museums.
2. Medical system: hospital, disability center, nursing home

medical flooring roll

3. Sports System: Sports Center, Gym, Sports Ground
4. Transportation system: airports, stations, subway stations, ships
5. Industrial System: Science and Technology Factory, Pharmaceutical Factory, Computer Room
6. Business systems: office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, KTV bars, villa clubs, and so on.