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How Do We Know PVC Floor Is Eco-Friendly
- Mar 09, 2018 -

There are tools used to help consumers and builders make the best decisions possible for their home building and renovating projects. For example, the life-cycle analysis is a tool used to determine the life of a product. This is from the raw material extraction through manufacturing until it is disposed of or recycled of Vinyl flooring

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When using the life-cycle analysis, there are two main features of each product: the renewability plus the durability. A renewable product is green just because of what it is. A durable product lasts longer and requires less maintenance for vinyl flooring.新闻75600 450.jpg

Another tool that is used is related to risk analysis. During the manufacturing process and use of materials of Vinyl flooring, there are always risks. This tool puts those benefits and risks into a valid perspective.

Interestingly, we found that vinyl performs well with both the life-cycle analysis and the risk assessment.

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