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How To Choose A Suitable Stone Plastic Floor Tiles
- Jun 27, 2018 -

  1. First of all, make sure which areas of your home are ready to use stone plastic floor tiles (pvc flooring stone plastic floor), probably to calculate a separate area for each area. If you are looking for a decoration company, this job can be done by the designer.

2, according to their own family structure and preferences, determine the stone plastic composite floor (Vinyl plank floor) style, that is, the tile color, texture, etc., and now the market is mainly popular stone, wood grain, striae, weaving Textures, special textures, etc.

luxury vinyl plank

3. Find out which brands and products of stone vinyl floor plank are better. They should be suitable for home decoration to see if they have any home improvement examples. For example, click systerm vinyl plank are more mature in home improvement. People comment on it. It is a "safety floor."

Rigid vinyl plank

4. After understanding the stone-plastic floor tiles (pvc floor stone-plastic floor), you can visit the nearest building materials market to examine the brands, products and prices of stone-plastic floor tiles.

lvt click

5, choose stone plastic tiles (pvc flooring stone plastic floor) should pay attention to such points, there is no environmental testing certificate and quality inspection certificate, how the brand's evaluation, the price compared with similar products is affordable.