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How To Choose Chinese PVC Flooring For Your Children's Rooms
- May 07, 2018 -

As a young couple after 80, they usually choose to raise a baby. Naturally, the growing environment of the baby becomes quite important. So how do we choose the floor of the children for the post-80s? The wooden floor with a smooth shadow? Is it a bright and refreshing ceramic tile? A magnificent marble? A soft printed carpet?


Being a parent is hard to avoid. But many parents do not know, the most commonly used in kindergarten is the PVC material of children's floor, this floor has a lot of advantages, since it can be applied to kindergartens, of course, it is also worth the family decoration to consider.

Formaldehyde must be added to the process of wood flooring, while marble is prone to radiation. Ceramic tiles are easy for children to catch cold, especially in winter, cold and bone soaking, naughty children climb up, and cold air enters the body. Some children's places choose to use pure wool carpet for laying. This is not scientific. Because carpet is easy to hide dirt, and all kinds of chemical fiber blanket will cause some children allergic reactions. In wet season, blankets can breed parasites such as mites, which can cause children to suffer from respiratory diseases.


The advantage of PVC flooring is that its raw materials are highly environmentally friendly, without any radiation and formaldehyde and benzene. In addition, some brands, such as HASBRO children's flooring, are specially adding bacteriostatic agents in raw materials. Bacteriostat can effectively inhibit the harm caused by Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus to children's health. The rate of bacteriostasis is above 99%, which is more than two to three times higher than that of similar products. At the same time, the special UV layer is also carried out, anti pollution, bacteriostasis, antistatic, non dust, surface very easy to clean up, will not become any pollutant accumulation of pollution sources, children even in the upper crawling, skin and the ground contact, parents and kindergarten teachers need not too much worry. In addition, the PVC floor is antiskid and damping. According to the new research data, after a good PVC floor was laid out in a larger flow space, the number of people falling and injured was reduced by nearly 70% compared with other floors. HASBRO children floor is designed with foamed cushioning layer, comfortable foot feeling, the maximum cushioning of children's impact when the takeoff and landing, fully protecting the child's ankle, knee and other body parts. Try to try a mobile phone on the HASBRO children's floor. It won't break a piece. Children are running and jumping on such a floor, climbing up and climbing, even if it hurts, but it doesn't hurt.