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How To Choose Floor For Kindergarten
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Kindergarten children are generally 2.5 to 6 years old, and the floor is often the “main battlefield” for their play, so the kindergarten floor must provide good protection for the children. So what principles should you follow when choosing a kindergarten floor?

1. Environmental protection

Whether it is kindergarten or children's room health and environmental protection must be placed first;

2. slip

Kindergarten floor skid is especially important, as much as possible to reduce the probability of children falling. Today's families attach great importance to the healthy growth of children. If children fall in school, it will cause great harm to families and kindergartens.

kindergarten floor

3. Antibacterial properties

Kindergarten children are in a lively and active stage, often like to play on the ground, and some children have the habit of eating at will, so the antibacterial nature of the kindergarten floor is very important.

4. Fun and educational

After all, it is the kindergarten ground. If it is just a monotonous color, or too bright, it is not very suitable. Kindergarten floor should be based on children's different intellectual development characteristics, reasonable choice of color and matching, which can play a subtle effect on the intellectual development of children.

5. Comfort

The comfort of the kindergarten floor should include two aspects: first, visual comfort. Kindergarten floor should not absorb light, not reflective glare, can protect children's eyes well, no fatigue; Second, touch comfort. Kindergarten floors should have good shock absorption and cushioning effect. No matter children play when walking on the floor, they can effectively reduce the impact of the legs and better avoid sports injuries.

6. Easy to clean

In order to provide children with a clean and clean environment, the floor must be cleaned frequently. Therefore, the kindergarten floor must be simple and quick to clean.

vinyl plastic roll floor

Cartoon plastic flooring is a floor specially designed for children's activities such as kindergartens and children's playgrounds. It is made of green and environmentally friendly materials; the surface is UV-treated wear-resistant layer, which has strong anti-staining property, effectively extending the service life of the vinyl roll floor and facilitating care; cartoon plastic flooring and general plastic flooring have more Color selection, which is designed to meet the characteristics of children's development at various stages, and designs various colors; in addition, the cartoon plastic floor is treated with foaming technology, which has better elasticity and higher comfort. Therefore, cartoon plastic flooring is the best choice for kindergarten!