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How To Choose Suitable Flooring For Hotels
- Mar 23, 2018 -

In contemporary society, people's requirements for decoration grades and styles are getting higher and higher, from single Traders Hotel to Segmen Hotel, apartment hotels, theme hotels and resort hotels. For high-end hotels, high quality decoration is an important means to show their own taste or attract consumers.


 And to the decoration grade, the decoration of the main material first floor as. The floor is an important area of people's sight, and the comfort of stepping on the floor will directly affect the experience of the guests.


As we all know, real wood floor, marble floor is not only expensive, but also have advantages and disadvantages, each has long and short, can not be fully taken into account. PVC resilient floor can make up for all shortcomings. The floor itself has the advantages of fire protection, abrasion resistance, anti slip and noise reduction, and it is green, environmental friendly, formaldehyde free, and has various colors and grades.