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How To Clean And Maintain PVC Flooring
- May 08, 2018 -

PVC floor is not as complex as ordinary floor maintenance, the use of high purity PVC raw material formula, to ensure that the floor aging resistance, wear resistant texture compact, greatly extended the service life of the floor. The ultra precision mirror polishing technology is adopted on the surface, and its antifouling performance is excellent. The fully penetrating structure is adopted in thickness to avoid shrinkage cracking. The grid is clear and distributed evenly, and the resistance discreteness is small.


1. After the floor is laid out / pre service

(1) remove dust and sundries on the floor surface first.

(2) use the rubbing machine and 3M red grate or similar products at low speed clean (with a strong general cleaning agent 1: 20 diluted with water into the ground cleaning machine), remove the protective wax, grease, dust and other dirt on the surface of the floor, and dry the sewage with a water absorption machine.

(3) rinse and dry with clean water.

(4) as required, the upper 1-2 layers of high strength wax.

2. Daily maintenance

(1) dust removal or vacuum cleaner. Drag the dust dragging on the ground, dry and dust.

(2) wet towing. (use floor cleaning glazing agent diluted with water at 1:20 and mop the floor with semi wet mop). If necessary, you can also use the floor cleaning machine with low speed cleaning.

3, regular cleaning and maintenance (1) dust or vacuum cleaners.

(2) floor cleaning glazing agent diluted with water at 1:20, mop the floor or cooperate with high speed polishing machine and red abrasive disc for grinding.

(3) the upper 1-2 layers of high strength wax.

(4) as required, it can be matched with high speed polishing machine with white polishing pad polishing.


4, complete refurbishment

(1) dust removal or vacuum cleaner.

(2) use strong wax removal water to dilute it evenly on the ground after 1:10, and wait for 5-10 minutes. The water absorption machine is used in time to dry up the sewage.

(3) wash and dry with water until no residual detergent is left on the ground.

(4) as required, the upper 1-2 layers of high strength wax.

5. Treatment of special fouling

(1) oil pollution: local oil pollution, the water deoiling agent directly on the towel to wipe the towel; large area of oil pollution, the only special water deoiling agent at 1:10 diluted, using the rubbing machine and red grinding disc to clean low speed.

(2) black offset printing: spray cleaning wax and high-speed polishing machine plus white polishing pad polishing. For longer time black offset printing, strong black offset remover can be directly poured onto the towel to wipe.

(3) glue or gum: remove the towel directly with professional strong glue remover.