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How To Give Your Flooring A New Life
- Nov 23, 2018 -

When the veneer on your Vinyl Flooring no longer shines, it's time to get a facelift. This is a simple solution because you only need to apply a new finish on your floor. Here are some ways to revitalize your vinyl:

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Refinish: If your Vinyl Flooring has a finish on the top, you can rejuvenate it with a suitable finish. It is necessary to peel off a floor having five or more layers. Use the stripping solution made for the Vinyl Flooring verbatim according to the instructions. Most products will let you mop the floor with a de-coating agent to dry the floor. The vinyl was then scrubbed with a peel pad, reapplied with a release agent and rinsed clean. After that, clean the floor with a wet vacuum cleaner and vacuum with a dry vacuum cleaner. Drag the new topcoat onto the floor and let the product dry. Polish the floor between each coating.

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Floor shinning: Most newer Luxury Vinyl Flooring does not require thorough plastic surgery, such as repairs. Instead, you can purchase flooring products for deep cleaning and recovery surfaces. If your floor is not shiny, you may need to adjust your maintenance habits. Adhere to a neutral pH cleaner that removes the vinyl of its waxy topcoat. A suitable cleaner should help the floor stay shiny.

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