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How To Install The 3C Sports Vinyl Flooring
- Mar 06, 2018 -

As the development of competition, more and more places needs their own floorings which fit to all request from this sports.So that a new sort of Vinyl flooring comes - the Sports Vinyl flooring.It is super-welcome in all fields of sports because its specific characters.

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Not only aboved points, other characther whil your maintanance or use it, will also support the users,guilds and securities.

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But how to install it is a quite big task to all people, so that 3C industry will explain to you the procedures of Sport Vinyl flooring installation:

  1. Clean; 2.Spread; 3.Align;4.Stick;5.Flatted;6.Half-finished;7.Slot;8.Weld;9.Shovel

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