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How To Install Vinyl Flooring Quickly And Efficiently
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Buy More Than You Think You Need

You want to buy just enough of plank vinyl flooring. Don’t buy more than you’ll need, as you’ll end up wasting money and supplies. However, if you buy too little of the material, you’ll delay the process, since you’ll have to wait to finish the job until you go back to the store. A good rule is to buy what you think you’ll need, plus one extra carton.

Plastic Vinyl Flooring

Lay It Out

Make an estimate of how long it will take you to complete this project. If you’re doing a bathroom that’s 120 square feet, you can estimate about three hours to finish it. However, this doesn’t include how long it will take to remove the toilet and then reinstall it. You can then take the planks out of the box and lay the first row down, so it’s parallel to your wall that’s most visible. From there, work outward with laying out your planks.

Click Vinyl Planks

For rooms that aren’t square or large, you’ll want to put the first row of planks in the center of the room, and then work your way out to either side of the walls. You’ll notice the unevenness the more you work your way across the room, and the last row will almost look like a pizza place. There’s no need to worry; you can put down a row in the middle to split the unevenness in half.

SPC Vinyl Planks 5mm

Take Out All Baseboards and Casings

You’ll need to remove all baseboards and remove the door casings as well. To make it easier to install the flooring, you should remove all the trim that’s touching the floor. To get your tile to fit better, cut the plank with a handsaw or a utility knife. Run the knife or saw across the plank’s face a few times instead of trying to cut deeper grooves in it.

The next step is flipping the board so the finish surface will be face down, similar to when cutting drywall. Fold the plank to see if it snaps when it comes backward. If not, run the knife through the fold gently to get it to separate.

Bedroom PVC Vinyl Planks

Connect the Planks

When you have vinyl plank that’s snap-together, you can also go in a backward direction to install it. Usually, flooring can only go in one direction when it’s being installed. If the grooves are found on the leading edge of the row, you can only connect the remaining planks into grooves. However, vinyl flooring lets you connect to either the groove or tongue side.

Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite

After you lay the floor, reattach the trim and baseboards the way they were before. You can use an electric brad nailer to make this easier. When you hammer the nails, stress is created on the trim and baseboards, which dislodges them before they can be attached securely. Hammers can also crack the trim.

Vinyl flooring is something you can easily and quickly install yourself or with the assistance of another person. Many people love how it looks and how affordable it is. Knowing what steps to do in what order will make the process even smoother. Just make sure to always have enough material, so you don’t have to stop the project halfway to go get more at the store. It’s simple to lay down the flooring and connect them for a new floor.