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How To Maintan Resilient Flooring
- Apr 12, 2018 -

Compared with other materials, elastic floor has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, ultra-thin wear and wear, strong impact resistance, durable, fire retardant, heat conduction and so on. It has many advantages, such as many kinds of floral flooring, fast pavement, no influence on the environment, low pressure on the whole construction, and easy to update. Gradually accepted by family decoration.


Resilient floor maintenance - daily cleaning

1, dry towing / pushing dust: using dry mop can clean up the dust and dirt on the floor. You can use dry mop, fine dust push or disposable mop cleaning.

2, vacuum cleaner is clean: using vacuum cleaner can clean up the dust and loose dirt on the floor. In the restricted area, we can use this cleaning method instead of mop.

3, micro wet towing cleaning: the first water or cleaning agent should be slightly wetted, the method is to use a special clean winch to squeeze out the excess water, and can also spray water or cleaners on the mop. Be careful: there is no water gathering on the floor. The floor must be completely dried within 15-20 seconds after the wipe.

4, remove stains: will be diluted through the neutral detergent directly on the stains, and then white or red nylon cleaning pad cleaning brush until the stain removed, and finally clean with clean water.

5, multi-function ground cleaning machine: for the very heavy cleaning task area, it is recommended to use multi-functional ground cleaning machine for cleaning. It can scrub the floor in a cleaning process and collect the sewage. Brush and cleaning pad can be used to finish cleaning. It is usually possible to use a beige / red clean pad. You can use different sizes of electric drive or battery driven floor sweeping machine, and brush wiper.


Resilient floor maintenance - regular maintenance

1, spray cleaning process: according to the size of the flow of people decide whether to take this step. The system combines cleaning and polishing procedures. Before spraying, clean the floor with vacuum cleaner, dry drag or wet towing. Recommended use of red cleaning pad, the appropriate speed is 300-1500 rpm.

2, multifunctional wiper: the same way of daily cleaning.

3, scrubbing + wet vacuum suction: wipe the floor with the floor scrubbing machine. In general, the use of red cleaning pad is enough. After the scrubbing operation is finished, a wet vacuum suction device can be used to remove the sewage.

4, glazing and / or protective treatment: use proper wax or polish to protect the floor and then dry it with beige / red cleaning pad (depending on circumstances).