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How To Melt Weld The LVT Vinyl Flooring
- May 22, 2018 -

There are three kinds of joints in elastic floor construction, including seam stitching, cold welding and hot melt welding.

A.stitching stitching

1, when the elastic floor is laid, the two floors overlap about 20mm, then cut down with the knife, forming a dense seam.

2, the two sides of the seams are not joined together.

3, the use of sealed stitching joints below 1mm, joints are not easy to detect, the disadvantage is that seams will be seeping, long time easy to edge and dust accumulation.

4, most sheets, rubber flooring (coil or sheet) are suitable for stitching.

5, the antibacterial requirements are not high, the use of the environment does not accumulate water, you can use sealed stitching, in order to achieve better decorative effect.



B. Cold welding

1. When the elastic floor is laid, cold welding fluid or cold welding paste will be used to connect the floor joints.

2. Cold welding makes the two sides of the floor joint evenly melt (hot welding is fusion).

3, the use of cold welded joints, narrow gap in the 1mm, cold weld no color, joints are not easy to be detected, the drawback is that the construction is difficult.

4, cold welding is divided into two types: cold welding liquid, cold welding ointment (also called seam paste) - cold welding liquid, suitable for PVC floor, wallpaper, and PVC plate with narrow seam (below 1mm). - cold welding paste is suitable for the joint of PVC floor, rubber floor, wallpaper and other joints with wide seam (4mm below), as well as between the wall and floor.


C. Hot-melt welding

1. When the elastic floor is laid, the special welding rod corresponding to the elastic floor material is used to adjust the temperature of the hot welding according to the type of floor material.

2. Heat welding makes the two sides of the seam evenly fused.

3, using hot welded joints, the width of the gap is between 3~4mm. Different color lines can be used to highlight the joint effect. The disadvantage is that the long welding line is easy to crack and fall off.

4, elastic floor coil, PVC plastic floor, conductive static floor coil and sheet can be welded by heat.

5. The elastic floor laid on the floor heating system should be thermally welded.