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Indoor Stadium Vinyl Flooring
- Mar 07, 2018 -

As the path of life increases, a lot of people start to play or do sport in the house, such as gym or stadium, so that tradtional wooden flooring is not suitable anymore, the vinyl flooring used more.

Why people choose vinyl flooring as priority? Because its character is even suitable for these kind of daily-use, perspiration-suffuse,and bear the different weight of sports equipments。Image it, if the dumbbell could easily broke your flooring, the replacement and maintanance will be a headache always.

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Therefore, some people used the print file as a simple tool to simulate competition, for an example, in Turkey, they put curling vinyl flooring in school gym, and train local childen as its needs.

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Besides the typical gym, stadium, the luxury hotel always accompany its own gym, and the hotel vinyl flooring must be fit its level, should be veener surface vinyl flooring which just as their standardization.

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