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Investment Prospects Of Resilient Flooring
- Mar 26, 2018 -

According to the investment analysis of China's elastic flooring industry, the traditional wooden floor is difficult to take care of, high cost, more corrosive and mildew. The elastic floor, regardless of its performance, cost, and manufacturing process, is far better than the wooden floor, and the innovative development of the elastic floor will lead the floor industry to a new era.新闻117.jpg

Traditional wood flooring is made from trees, so making wood floors will cut a large number of trees, which not only destroys the environment, but also violates the idea of environmental protection. Wooden floors should be more careful and careful to maintain their impressions and performances, because wooden floors are prone to be deformed or even corroded by dampness, termites, water and so on.

The elastic floor is environmentally friendly, and the maintenance is much simpler. Some special dirty spots can be cleaned immediately with gentle detergent or warm water. No need to use large quantities of water to clean the floor.


PVC elastic floor because don't need glue, also do not need to increase the corrosion resistance and moth proofing chemicals like wooden floor, so the formaldehyde content is zero, and also has commercial non-toxic, no radiation, water resistance, wear resistance, skid resistance, fire retardant, waterproof, antibacterial and other characteristics, love by people.

The cost, more cheaper than wood flooring resilient flooring, low production cost, the price is relatively lower than in wooden floor. Prices are more popular. And there are many styles. More wood floor, which has good performance, and not to lose the perception by many families. Therefore, the emergence of the elastic floor, for the environmental protection industry has a division.