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Is Vinyl Flooring Bad For Human Body
- May 21, 2018 -

Plastic floor is another kind of PVC floor, the main component is PVC material. PVC floor can be made into two kinds, one is homogeneous and translucent, that is, the pattern material is the same from bottom to surface; and one is compound, the top layer is pure PVC transparent layer, and the underneath is added with printing layer and foaming layer.


Sports plastic floor (non-toxic, no harm to the human body): mainly used for buses, trains (EMU and high speed rail), stadiums, large public places (passenger stations, high speed railway stations)

Commercial plastic floor (non-toxic, no harm to human body): mainly used in schools (kindergartens and primary schools), hospitals, KTV, hotels, etc.


1, light quality: the weight of the general PVC plastic floor is 2-3 kg / m, which is less than 10% of the ordinary ground. In the high-rise building, it has unparalleled advantages for the building body bearing and saving space.

2, environmental protection: the main raw material of the general PVC plastic floor is PVC. It is a non toxic renewable resource, which is relative to the formaldehyde and other harmful substances of the wood floor. Its environmental protection performance has an absolute advantage.

3, high bullet, impact resistance: PVC plastic floor soft, so the elasticity is very good, with a good elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects, so it can greatly reduce the slippery to the staff, and the impact of the weight of the damage also has a good resilience, will not cause damage.

4, anti slip: PVC plastic floor has the characteristics of water and astringent. At the same time, the general PVC plastic floor has been skid resistant (wear resistant pattern).

5, waterproof: PVC plastic flooring is mainly composed of PVC, so natural is not afraid of water, as long as it does not soak in long term will not damage.

6, sound absorption: PVC plastic floor sound absorption up to 20 decibels, so in the need for quiet environment such as hospital ward, library, report hall and other places to choose PVC plastic floor, no longer for the sound of high heels and annoyed.

7, various colors: PVC plastic floor can be processed into a large number of colors and patterns, so the user's pattern is more widely available, and can be customized.

8, construction and installation is simple: a good knife can be cut arbitrarily, construction can be simply spliced, and can be welded seamlessly.

9, super high performance price ratio: much cheaper than professional wooden floor, but the performance is even better.