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Kind Suggestion For Summer Decoration In Kindergarten
- May 18, 2018 -

Summer has come, many kindergartens have to redecorate the idea, so what problems should be paid attention to in the summer decoration of the house? The decoration needs to be considered widely, the preparation of the early stage is essential.

1. Careful selection of materials

In summer, rainwater is increasing. The most prominent problem is moisture-proof. If the moisture-proof work is not well handled, the problem will arise in autumn and autumn. This requires special attention to material selection. When selecting materials, materials with low moisture content should be selected as far as possible. PVC plastic material is very suitable for decoration. It is made of PVC, high temperature processing, seamless and waterproof.


2, prepare enough for moisture-proof preparation

In addition to special attention to material selection, the construction process should also be adequate moisture-proof preparation. When transporting materials, we should try to choose when the weather is fine. If it is rainy, we should protect the material from plastic film. If the material is on the tide, it should not be used again.



3, select the decoration company

The formal decoration company based on home decoration, most of them have guaranteed warranty for one year. In the spring, they have their own work. Therefore, the industry suggested that in the spring this relatively sensitive season for decoration, please formal decoration company is particularly important.