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LVT And SPC Flooring Still Dominate US Market
- Mar 05, 2018 -

LVT and SPC elastic flooring still dominate in the American floor market, offical news from"Floor Covering News".Analysts expect that these figures will not fall in 2017 and will continue to reflect a strong growth in the category.

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In 2016, the total sales of resilient flooring increased by 19.7% over the 2 billion 924 million US dollars in 2015, reaching 3 billion 499 million US dollars, which is almost 4 times the growth of the whole industry. In addition, the sales of elastic floor has accounted for 16.5% of the total sales of the floor industry, the highest of all hard ground materials. Industry experts predict that the growth of 2017 elastic floor sales will continue, especially today's waterproof products are becoming more and more popular with consumers. Industry experts also say that WPC and SPC will grow rapidly, while other categories will continue to lose their share of the whole market. In particular, the flooring, due to the inability to solve the problem of water and noise, will suffer a greater impact with the emergence of WPC, SPC products.

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Experts predict that the growth of LVT will continue to 2018. WPC, SPC will have a bigger market prospect. It is expected that these two types of floors will continue to develop actively in the next 2 years. In particular, the SPC floor, the entire industry will eventually abandon the WPC, and more attention to SPC.

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