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New Project Luxury SPC Floors At Mercedes-Benz 4S Store
- Aug 10, 2018 -

    Recently, the renovation project of a large domestic Mercedes 4S store that cooperated with our company was successfully completed.

Vinyl plank flooring

    After careful consideration and comparison, the client decided to choose our company's SPC flooring, which is not only a recognition of our company's products, but also a trend that complies with the current widespread use of SPC floor by commercial buildings.

WPC vinyl tiles

    With the deep understanding of PVC flooring by the public, SPC flooring is increasingly recognized by the market for its easy assembly, wide variety of colors, easy maintenance and environmental protection features.

SPC vinyl plank

    It is no exaggeration to say that choosing PVC flooring has become a trend in the construction and decoration industry.

SPC vinyl flooring

    If you are worried about what kind of floor to use, maybe you can send an email to us, I believe this will be a good start for you and your business.