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Precautions And Maintenance Notes Of PVC Roll
- Mar 27, 2018 -

1, anticorrosion

After the rubber floor is corroded, it will leave the scar, which affects the beauty. Usually should avoid liquid drops of blood, urine, trace, ink and other acid substances on the ground, accidentally spilled, should immediately wipe clean, and notify the cleaning staff to do the corresponding processing.

2. waterproof

The rubber floor is easily drumbed, warped and discolourable, and should pay attention to waterproof at ordinary times. In and out of the bathroom and open water, the water should be avoided to the ground as far as possible, such as inadvertently sprinkling should be cleaned immediately. Notice that the ground should be dried with dry wax in time after the water is towed.


3, prevention and control

Rubber floor is a kind of soft surface, and it is difficult to repair after scratching. It should be avoided on the ground, such as dragging the table, stool and other objects, even cartons, wooden cases and so easily scratched the ground.

4. Fire prevention

The rubber floor is yellowing and hardened after the fire is baked. It not only affects the beauty, but also is easy to break. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the contact between the head and the ground.


5. Timely maintenance

The rubber floor should be clean, beautiful and durable. It should be well maintained and waxed for long time, usually once a quarter, which is operated by professional maintenance personnel. Use neutral detergent should be clean after waxing (akso floor strong detergent effect), can not use strong acid or alkali cleaning agent to clean the ground, such as 84, liquid detergent, washing powder etc.. If there is a stain, use a neutral detergent to clean and wipe clean.

6. The method is proper

Clean the floor, the absolute prohibition of the use of hard, rough cleaning appliances (such as steel wire, 100 clean cloth, etc.) clean the rubber floor, rubber flooring to prevent sharp objects collision. The contaminants that can not be cleaned by conventional methods should be consulted, and the use of acetone, toluene, and other chemicals should not be used.