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PVC Elastic Flooring-- Say Goodbye To The Noise
- Dec 29, 2018 -

3C's PVC Elastic Flooring absorbs noise and is not afraid of noise, creating a quiet working environment for employees.

PVC Vinyl Flooring

When you're working hard; When the meeting is in full swing; When the customer visit, but was spread "tramp tramp" high-heeled shoes sound will all have to follow things are disrupted, Isn't let you headache?

Anti-noise PVC Flooring

3C's PVC Elastic Floor is comfortable, soft and flexible. It is not only comfortable to the feet, but also does not make a sound when it comes into contact with high-heeled shoes. You no longer have to worry about the sound of high-heeled shoes disturbing your thoughts.

Anti-slip laminate Flooring

When you are in the lunch break, colleagues are talking about gossip; when you are thinking about things, colleagues are on the phone; noisy voices can always upset people's thoughts, making it difficult to concentrate, does this also cause you headaches?

Commercial Laminated Vinyl Flooring

3C's PVC Elastic Vinyl Floor has excellent sound absorption performance and can isolate 15-20dB of noise, making the noisy sound away from you, giving you a quiet working environment.

Easy cleaning Vinyl Flooring

3C's PVC Plastic Vinyl Floor, is the necessary choice of office decoration, but also your best choice in 2019, we help you to create a suitable office environment.