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Smoke Grey Oak Pattern Vinyl Flooring-Modern Home Design
- Jan 04, 2019 -


Oak Look Vinyl Click Flooring

Brand: 3C

Installation method: Click 

Category: LVT SPC WPC

Product specifications: 1220*184*3.5/4.0/4.5/5.0/5.5/6.0 mm

Wood Look Click Vinyl Flooring

The appearance of this product is quite literary, the natural color of oak is matched with the hand-made antique craft of mountain shape, dotted with white dots, just like having years of washing, showing natural bumps and old traces, giving people a kind of thick A strong sense of history gives a noble and elegant visual enjoyment.

Click System SPC Vinyl Planks

This product is click system. The details of the notch are very fine, the groove is flat and firm, and there is no burr. This results in a smaller coefficient of friction between the plates and the plates, avoiding the sound of the floor. On the evaluation site, the two pieces of the floor were gently put together and picked up to make a perfect seam. There is no feeling of falling off. It can be seen that the Van Dyck floor is perfect for the control of the floor details, which fully demonstrates the superb craftsmanship. 

Oak Grain Vinyl Planks

Advanced locking technology connects the floor to the whole, better absorbing and releasing stress in the floor. The board and the board are tightly stitched together, and all the floors are bitten together as a whole. The nail-free, glue-free and keel-free installations are not forced to be fixed, and the dust and the like in the home environment can be effectively prevented from entering and polluting the floor.

Waterproof WPC Click Vinyl Flooring

Pour water on the surface of the floor, and the water will automatically form round and full water drops. After standing for 30 minutes, it was observed that the water droplets did not appear scattered, and did not penetrate into the interior of the floor. After wiping clean, the floor was intact and there was no color difference. It can be seen that the surface treatment process of the composite floor has strong waterproofness, waterproof and moisture-proof, and the tightness of the floor lock, so that there is no need to worry about water seepage, and consumers will feel more relaxed after purchasing.

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