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The Advantages Of PVC Flooring
- Mar 05, 2018 -

China's land market has been occupied by stone flooring, wooden floor and carpet. However, PVC plastic floor has been recognized and favored by more and more users due to its superior performance.

Compared with traditional floor materials, the PVC floor has many unique superior properties, which can not be replaced by traditional flooring materials. So what are the differences between traditional floor materials and plastic floor?

Let's look at the classification of the plastic floor with the stone floor, the wooden floor, the carpet.

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The construction of PVC flooring is onvenient, the time limit is shortened, and the cost of processing is low. Comfortable, PVC flooring can give people a warm and comfortable feeling. Light material, especially suitable for high building or old house reconstruction, the weight of the same area of stone weight of 1/20-1/30. The interchangeability is better, the color difference and the stability of the pattern are more stable than the stone. The color is rich, the decoration is stronger and the color selectivity is more extensive.

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Good fire resistance, ensure non - diffusion of flame, safety and durability. Decorative effect, pattern design, pattern selection of PVC flooring are better than wood flooring, and PVC flooringhave more choice in beauty. The surface hardness is high, it is not easy to damage, and the scratch resistance is higher than that of wood. The dimensional stability is good, and it is not easy to produce the phenomenon of floor deformation. Compared to wood floor, the noise can be reduced by decibels.

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PVC floor maintenance cost is lower, clean maintenance is easier. The flame retardancy is better, and the combustion does not produce toxic gas. The ground resistance is small, which is beneficial to the mobile handling of furniture, equipment and so on. Longer service life can be more than 5 times as much as a carpet.