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The Advantages Of PVC Homogeneous Flooring
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Compare with traditional flooring, what is the advantage and strength of PVC homogeneous flooring?

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1 PVC homogeneous sheet flooring has compressive strength, impact resistance, friction coefficient, elastic, anti-skid, corrosion resistance;

2 PVC homogeneous sheet flooring wear resistance is especially good, the main reason is the intermediate product surface and bottom are one homogeneous material, durability, wear resistance than ordinary plastic material 4-5 times more durable;

3 PVC homogeneous sheet flooring after matt surface and UV processing, anti pollution, antibacterial, anti chemical performance, easy to clean;

4 PVC homogeneous sheet flooring is homogeneous one, without the use of glue composite, so that the product is not stratified, not drum size does not contain formaldehyde, excellent stability;

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5 PVC homogeneous membrane floor pattern is unique, personalized design, suitable for various occasions, the use of public places most suitable for large flow;

6 PVC homogeneous sheet flooring products, high compactness, back with natural embossed, and cement base or base plate of high bonding strength, flame retardant.

7 PVC homogeneous sheet flooring products and construction installation, put it, like other PVC composite roll installation steps.

8 PVC homogeneous sheet flooring, sound-absorbing performance, unique floor reflective, easy repair, easy maintenance.

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