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The Best Choice For Hotel Flooring-LVT
- Nov 29, 2018 -

LVT Vinyl Flooring we recommend today can be said to be the king of cost-effective flooring.

It is not only wear-resistant and durable, but also very easy to decorate and maintain.

It is undoubtedly the best choice for places with large flow of people and serious damage. LVT Vinyl Flooring must be the first choice for hotels, shopping malls and office buildings.

Wear Resistant PVC Flooring

Dry Back LVT Vinyl Flooring

LVT Vinyl flooring can be divided into three types according to the installation mode: Dry Back, Click and Loose Lay. But what we mainly recommend today is dry back and loose lay.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

The installation method of Dry Back LVT Vinyl Flooring is very simple, just need to ensure that the original ground is clean and flat, and then glued with a specific glue. In the future, if any area in the later stage has serious damage, just use a tool to uncover and replace it with he new one is fine, and it doesn't take a lot of time and money to renovate the entire flooring.

Wood Pattern LVT Flooring

Matte Surface LVT Flooring

5.0 mm Dry Back LVT Flooring

Glue Down Vinyl Flooring

Glue Down Vinyl Tiles

Loose Lay LVT Flooring is a new design, it just need to be placed directly on the original flooring. It is mainly used to draw on the ground with the special design of the bottom, even without the use of glue. The only drawback is the price will be slightly higher than others, but the overall price is also very high.

Waterproof Vinyl Tiles

Loose Lay Vinyl Tiles