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The Introduction Of SPC Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Nowdays, SPC Rigid Vinyl Flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular trends in home decoration flooring markets. Installing SPC Vinyl Flooring offers homeowners many benefits. Todays we will show you one by one.

SPC Vinyl Flooring

The core of SPC Rigid Vinyl Flooring is a combination of natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer. This provides a very stable foundation for each flooring.

Waterproof SPC Vinyl Flooring

  1.  Waterproof: One of the biggest benefits of choosing SPC Vinyl Flooring is that it has a completely waterproof core. Unlike hardwood, it can be installed in areas such as laundry, bathroom, basement and kitchen. The waterproof function also makes the board more stable in humid and temperature fluctuations.

  2. Easy to install: Many homeowners appreciate the ease of installation of SPC Floors. They can be placed on many different types of subfloors or existing floors. Most designs simply click on the spot, eliminating the need of messy and complex glue.

  3. Affordability: Although it is more expensive than standard Vinyl Flooring, SPC Vinyl Flooring is generally cheaper than other types of luxury flooring such as hardwood and stone. In addition, homeowners can usually install the floor without professional assistance, so DIY installation of SPC flooring can save more money for this upgrade.

    Wood Pattern SPC Vinyl Flooring

  4. Comfortable: The thick, stable bottom layer of each plank makes the SPC Floor more cushioned than other types of flooring. The thicker the board you choose, the more comfortable your feet feel. These dense layers also help provide a quieter sound when walking on the SPC flooring; they usually do not have a hollow or thin sound like the standard vinyl flooring.

  5. Easy to maintain: SPC Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring is extremely durable. Because it is very dense, it resists impact, stains, scratches and abrasion. This flooring style is a great choice for busy families, because in addition to being good, it is easy to keep clean. Maintenance involves only regular vacuuming or cleaning and occasional mopping. Over time, this type of flooring will resist fading, flaking and cupping, and it can withstand direct exposure to the sun.

    Bedroom SPC Click Flooring

If you are ready to upgrade your home, SPC Rigid Vinyl Flooring is your best choice. It has many benefits, making it a reliable investment, especially for families with pets and children. Easy to install and relatively affordable prices also can help you reduce costs. With various of designs, you can also easily find the look that suits your style.