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The Significant Advantages Of PVC Flooring
- Apr 18, 2018 -

PVC floor is a kind of flexible floor, cutting it very convenient; in the process of paving with a special joint processing technology, can achieve minimal or complete seamless joint paving effect; paving can also give full play to Designer's creativity, color design between various colors, you can also cut and stitch out a very beautiful personality pattern!

Small seams are great benefits. The advantages of PVC plastic flooring at the joints and the easy-to-cut properties make it uniquely superior to other floors!

vinyl roll flooring

1. Anti-fouling and antibacterial activity is stronger

The seams of PVC vinyl flooring are smaller, which is a big breakthrough compared with many other materials of the floor: the chance of filthing the floor seams is even smaller, which is more conducive to creating a clean and hygienic environment! In the anti-pollution and anti-bacterial requirements of the airport, stations, schools, kindergartens, offices and hospitals and other places, PVC roll flooring has become the preferred floor!

PVC laminating floor

2. Increase the aesthetics of the ground

vinyl laminating floor

PVC sheet flooring is popular in China with self-adhesive flooring and locking flooring. The size of each sheet is similar to that of wood flooring. After formal construction and paving, no need for beautiful stitching, seams are very small, and it is difficult to see from a distance. To the seams. If you think that a suit will look a single, you can choose two colors in the pavement process, because the seam is very small, the effect of the pavement will be very beautiful!

3. Personalized puzzles to fully display their creativity

vinyl plank

The PVC coil floor specifications are generally 2-3 meters wide and 15-30 meters in length. Compared to the sheet flooring, the PVC coil floor is more flexible and more convenient for cutting. Hot seam welding is performed between the joints through special welding lines. Can be completely seamless. In the actual paving process, the color matching and the parquet design are easier to operate; the color pattern of the PVC commercial floor itself is extremely rich, and the creative space that can be used in the color matching and parquet design is very large and the colors are beautifully matched. The design is enough to make the ground a work of art, so that the entire environment is full of artistic atmosphere!

roll vinyl floor