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True Formaldehyde Free Vinyl Flooring
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Green, true formaldehyde free. We all know that the laminate flooring was introduced to the Chinese market by Germany more than ten years ago. It has been popular in China for so many years, but it has not been able to solve the problem of formaldehyde because it is a MDF substrate and is afraid of water. . We all know that the number one "criminal" of indoor pollution is formaldehyde. The toxicity of formaldehyde is strong, and the release period is as long as 8-15 years. It is not because we usually say that ventilation can be emitted. Formaldehyde is especially harmful to people with low immunity such as the elderly, children, pregnant women, etc. It not only causes childhood leukemia, but also affects the development of children's intellectual immune system. Most newly-married houses are usually the future residence of the baby. Once the decoration is improper, It will cause two or three generations, even deeper influences and regrets. Therefore, the floor as an important decorative material for the family, what kind of floor to choose, directly affects the health of the family, a real zero formaldehyde floor is very important for the family, caring for the family, starting from the floor. Today, we have the responsibility to introduce the excellent band shanghai 3C Zero Formaldehyde Floor into the Chinese market for the benefit of the people.

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Let's take a look at how it achieves true zero formaldehyde. Let's take a look at its structure with PUR crystal shield transparent layer, pure PVC wear layer, rich color film layer, SPC polymer substrate layer, soft and silent. The rebound layer and the like constitute. The 3C pvc vinyl floor substrate is made up of mineral rock powder and perlite powder mixed with air for 30 days. It is naturally rejuvenated and mixed with polymer resin to excite the mineral molecular viscosity of the material itself, like cement and flour. No need to use glue, and then the high-precision equipment imported from Germany is heated at a high temperature to form a stable substrate layer. After the German 6-roll manufacturing equipment, the materials required for the multi-layer structure floor are tightly combined by the hot-melt hot pressing process to form a subversion of the traditional VOC free vinyl floor.

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