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Try The New Flooring Installation Method Instead Of The Old One
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Tile paving is an important part of the home decoration. The traditional paving methods are mostly horizontal and vertical, creating a decent and neat and simple visual effect.

vinyl plank

luxury vinyl plank

Traditional paving


This one-size-fits-all approach is obviously out of the way!

If you also like to make some surprises and new ideas

Don’t want to stick to the rules

May use some unique techniques in tile laying.

Make your home more unique

wood pattern vinyl floor

matt finish vinyl tiles

No. 1

Metope mixes shop to highlight key area

loose lay plastic flooring

dry back vinyl plank

vinyl plank flooring

woven vinyl flooring

laminated vinyl floor


Carpet-style mixing

Small-scale floor tile laying

Not only can the functional area be clearly defined

Can also render a unique artistic atmosphere

Bring strong visual impact!

vinyl tiles

fire resistance vinyl flooring

vinyl plank flooring

Entrance, living room, dining room or other area

All can use the tiles to spread the layering

It looks like a carpet, but it is easier to clean than a carpet.

Full-bodied charm display

Make the space instantly agile

glue down vinyl floor


Rule stitching by brick partition

The kitchen and bathroom floor is the “hardest hit” in the home.

Pay attention to waterproofing and take care of cleaning

And laying tiles is a very good solution

In addition to highlighting the beauty of the decoration

Will also play the role of dividing the space

pvc vinyl flooring

luxury vinyl plank


Irregular blending

Break the rules and make a difference

Use different mashups to bloom different beauty

Can also add a lot to the whole home

Create more possibilities for space

resilient floor

If you want to make your home more exciting.

Use a variety of fancy mixes to improve the grade!