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Unique Use Of PVC Resilient Flooring
- Apr 13, 2018 -

The high density wear resistant layer of environmental protection PVC wall protective material can effectively prevent dirt from infiltrating into the material. The unique surface embossing of the material (embossing) ensures simple cleaning and maintenance while providing decorative effects. Most of the dirt is easily removed by a clean, wet, clean cloth.


On the wall of the kindergarten, one meter and so height of the cartoon plastic floor, not only can play a very good aesthetic effect, there are two very practical effects: first, better protection of children. Cartoon plastic floor with foamed floor, with good elasticity, children when playing accidentally hit the wall, the floor on the wall can play a very good buffer effect, to a large extent, to reduce the chances of children's injury. Second, to prevent children paint the walls. The surface of cartoon plastic floor is a wear-resistant layer after UV treatment. It has strong anti pollution ability. Chalk and crayon handwriting can be cleaned easily with damp cloth.


The patterning of plastic floor is very high-definition, fine texture, and carving has strong plasticity. Choose the desired color, draw a pattern on the plastic floor, engraving the desired pattern with a special carving tool, assemble the finished module, and then put on the frame, and a fine fresco can be made.