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Use Vinyl Flooring In Your Bathroom
- Mar 07, 2018 -

lots of years ago, the toilet and bathroom is not be built in our house or room, because people thought this kind of place is dirty, too much water and odour.As society develops, the bathroom start to be a part of our house, each become a necessary one to room, then people started to use ceramic tile, and the new generation comes, Vinyl flooring starts to change the world again.

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Ceramic tile is easy to clean, looks beautiful and cheap; but the disadvantages are difficult to install, too expensive to change and feel very cold during the winter. Vinyl flooring is just at the opposite of these ones. Its easy-installation, cheap change and warm-feeling are good reasons to let people start to use.

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Certainly, Vinyl flooring is not perfect as well, even it has the high resistantance of water-proof, but if any part of each flooring being soaked in water always or in a long term, damaga will natually appears as well.

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