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Various Of PVC Click Floor Paving Methods
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Positive paving method / 45° oblique paving method

This is the most common laying method, in the case that you do not have special requirements, the conventional SPC/PVC wood grain click floor is this laying method, in line with rules and regulations, but may lat people feel aesthetic fatigue. The advantage is safety and high success rate.

pvc flooring

Positive paving method 

pvc vinyl flooring

45° oblique paving method

vinyl floor

The diagonal paving is not necessarily 45°, also can be 30° or 60°; the seam is not necessarily centered, or it may be one-third of the seam.

spc click floor

Positive paving method + One-third of the seam

Positive paving method / Diagonal paving method + Seams are naturally staggered

How to call it natural, the popular point is that the first row of floor is finished, the last floor will definitely be cut to match the width of the room, then how much of this wood grain floor remains, then start from the second row, so the seam is random natural, and the most important thing is that can save material.

click vinyl floor

Positive paving method+ Seams are naturally staggered

wpc click floor

45° oblique paving method + Seams are naturally staggered

wpc click floor

“人”paving method

As the name implies, two SPC/PVC wood grain lock floors are laid in the shape of the word “人”. Generally, SPC/PVC wood grain lock floor in high-end places loves to use this method. Because each floor needs multilateral alignment, the laying difficulty is relatively large, and the paving technology requirements are also high, but the visual effect is absolutely Amazing.

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“人”paving method

lvt click floor

Diamond-shaped paving method

As the picture :

vinyl flooring tiles

This kind of paving method is more difficult than the “人”method. It needs to be cut and paved piece by piece, some color matching (because the depth is different), although the process is complicated, it can bring out the sense of high level and enhance the style of the home.

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