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Vinyl And Ceramic Which Is Better For Heat
- Apr 09, 2018 -

People's pursuit of quality of life is becoming more and more high, and heating has become a general choice for new house decoration. Many people choose heating because it is more scientific. The common saying says cold is from foot, and the heat is just rising from bottom to up. It is suitable for daily living, but it is suitable for floor tiles or floors. ?


If we do not consider other factors, the thermal conductivity of ceramic tiles is better than wood floor, good thermal conductivity, heating in the winter, the indoor heating speed is fast, so people will be very comfortable, but at the same time, there are disadvantages, heat conduction quickly shows that heat dissipation is fast, in comparison, wood floor insulation The performance is better, and it can last longer to maintain the heat of the room.


Floor tiles are always easy to give people a cold feeling. If you want your home to look warm, it's better to choose the wood floor, especially the old man or child. It's more recommended to choose the floor, because in case of bumping and bumping, the floor is slightly Microsoft, it can buffer the impact, and like the barefoot. People at home are also the first choice wooden floor, so it won't be too cool.